Building a Profitable Authority Site From Scratch in Less than a Year

After two successful websites (see screenshot below) , I decided to start another website.

I’m going to share with you the steps I took to make this new baby generate $$$.


First Authority Website



Initial Budget for the New Amazon Authority Website:

Domain purchase cost:  $110

Hosting:   $10 first year ( Yes it’ too cheap from the first year) , you can purchase  it  here NameCheap Hosting (Thanks in advance for the affiliate commission)

I know a lot of bloggers (including me) suggest  BlueHost or Hostagator for the sake of the affiliate sale.

I stopped suggesting those providers because of the website speed load time and the worst is  as seen on the screenshot below:



Content creation : $0   How come?

Partnership with one of my writers.

I do all the keywords research, SEO, posting  ….etc  and she just write.

Time invested: 4 Hours weekly

Total cost : $120


Website Traffic :

I’m very happy to share with you  that the traffic just start coming in, in a less than a month.


As you can see, the numbers are not  that high at all but the  the good news are , I already made two tinny sales !


Yeah, I know, it’s $1,80  but  I heard for  some people it takes more than 3 months to make their first dollar.

Income :

  • October 2016: $1.80



Keyword Research Strategies:

I will share it in my next post. I do it differently

That’s all for now, I keep it short and sweet.

Please let me know what you think in the comment area

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